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display keeps blinking off and on. everything on the desktop blinks with it, then comes back. I can push ctrl alt Delete and run the programs that way if i try to open something such as the control panel i can until it blinks. It limits what i can and cant do PLEASE HELP!
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  1. does the display blink before windows loads up? If so it is either a lose cable, bad vid card or bad monitor.
    So check cables then it gets harder. Can you borrow another monitor to test? If so and still blinks with different monitor then you have at least narrowed it down to the system. So vid card or I guess possibly motherboard.

    Now if it only blinks in once windows loads then it is possible that the drivers for the vid card are causing the problem.
    Try starting windows in safe mode and see if the blinking continues.
  2. Imo sounds like a driver problem you can probably enter into safe mode if you are windows and uninstall that driver and try another version. Blinking with no responce between the blinks doesn't sound like a loose cable.
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