Dlink G520 wireless adapter does NOT work with Windows 7

I had clean/custom install of Windows 7 in my Dell E520 PC. My dlink G520 pci wireless adapter was working fine with win XP Pro. But with Windows 7, there is no internet connection. Unfortunately, dlink does not have driver for win 7. Although win 7 installs its own driver for the network adapter, but it does not work. What should I do? Buying a new PCI wireless card with windows 7 driver only option? or can I use my existing dlink card with some tricks? Thanks.
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  1. Google the model number of your adapter and the word chipset. May produce the name of the chipset manufacturer and there may be a Win7 driver for that chipset (somewhere, if not in Windows).
  2. Also see the this posting


    with advice from Microsoft support
  3. If yours is the BX revision try the Vista driver to get you online and then see if 7update will load a more appropriate version.


    or unverified ..

  4. Thanks for the tutorial, do not know why but this website always find the drivers you need :D

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