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Hello. I own a Dell LCD and i recently bought a CRT CPD-4401 for Counter Strike. I was hoping to run the two monitors seperately from each other. For instance, I could be playing counter strike on one monitor, while IMing on another. Is this possible with my system? I cant seem to figure out how to do it.

My system: 8800GTS 512
q6600 stock
Vista x64
6gb ram

If you need anymore information just ask in the thread
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  1. It's very possible you have 2 dvi ports just plug them up to your monitors. Then you just need to set up the dual monitor display something nvidia control panel helps you do. You want a dualview set up basiclly one mointor will have your desktop and will be your main monitor that has counterstrike on it and when you drag your im window to the right it will go onto the other mointor. It's just that to im you will still have to tab out to gain control of the mouse and keyboard outside of the game to send im's. but i guess you can read them.
  2. You'll find your life made easier if you run the game in windowed mode.
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