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Ok. here is the thing. I will start with the fact that i am a computer enthusiast. I am not an expert which means i don't know much about things like dos environment commands, programing, scripts, hex editing etc etc etc but i do know a lot of pc stuff. I build computers from ground zero myself, i do overclocking, data recovery, dual boots, formating i know practically everything about windows xp and all these stuff that a computer enthusiast do. I am doing this prologue cause i was highly reluctant to ask help on a forum cause many people suggest things that aren't even remotely close to the problem solution.they do it on good will and it's nice they are trying to help but i really need some expert help here.
I had an asus mobo m2n32 sli deluxe wireless version,7600gt nvidia gfx, cpu athlon 3500+,ram 2x 1gig kingston 667, psu ~420w, wd 320g HDD sata. that was basically my pc no addons or anything. XP pro, SP2 (back then) with all the official updates and ALWAYS latest gfx and programs versions/patches/updates. from day 1 i bought it i encountered B.O.D s. I searched a lot and found that on most of the cases BOD s are a result of memory racks failures. i run memchk several times no errors i went to solution No.2 Mobo effects .thank god the retailer was a friend so he gave me a second Mobo and send the first one back to asus just in case. for a while i thought blue screens of death were gone but after a while...BOD BOD BOD BOD. one every day, one every second day that was the rate...ofc random pc crashes cause huge system instability so...i had to format and re-format my pc once a month. i had no money to buy a new pc so i went with that. during all these i was trying to find any possible solution. i swear to god i have read like a million forums with solutions for problems like mine but nothing. BIos updates, deleting sata drivers from MS and installing new, changing sata cable positions, changing mem racks positions i was like what the F**K is wrong here? nothing worked. also some times after a crash my pc couldn't even restart. it restarted and then i had "disk boot failure insert boot disk to continue". in order to restart the pc i had to remove the red sata cable to some other mobo slot,power off and then restart the pc. from these clues i figured out that this could prolly be a Mobo or HDD failure so i had to check and repair only these two.
This summer i went into my hometown and brought my HDD with me.with the sata cable i was using on my main pc. I plugged my HDD on my mother's pc and after a few runs.... BOD! i was like.. "god damn !$%!^$%" etc etc etc. but at least i thought i found out where was the problem...i removed the HDD from mom's pc and coninue working. The pc was brand new, official retailer sealed etc etc etc then BOOM! BOD AGAIN!MY hdd was off...i thought to hell with this and i sent the pc back to the retailer...they returned that to me with it's HDD replaced cause the old one was faulty.i dind't have that much time to check that pc more and i returned to athens for springs' semester....i had a few BOD more and i said what the HDD now or never. the 320 WD was replaced witha brand new Seagate 500g...and just cause prices where so low i bought a new cpu 5200+ AMDx2
everything was running perfect...then...guess what....B-O-O-M! blue screen of death.................
i gave it some time to be sure that it wasn't a random crash but it was official...normally during Warcraft 3 (the frozen throne, Dota) games my pc was crashing....everything were freezing for a couple of seconds then crash....
Oh i forgot to mention that during an old pc crash i had already replaced my burn psu with a new EZcool 450W one. So far we have new psu,cpu and hdd....
Due to these crashes, i decided to go for the big step...change my precious ridiculously overpriced asus mobo with a newest and cheapest one. and just cause i wanted everything to be new, i decided to spend a bit more to buy a new gpu and two new memory dimms. so now i have an asus m3a78 pro mobo, 2 kingston ddr2 dimms 800 (i think), seagate 500hdd,and i swithced from nvidia to ati radeon hd 4670, ms xp pro english sp3 with all patches on, latest drivers on everything etc etc etc. I have a brand new pc. Brand new. I figured out that since the old Hdd was not the problem( i have disabled it on the past as i described but the problem was persisting) i could use it for extra i used the old HDD and even though i knew that the old ddr2 667 would have downgraded my new dual channel, to 667 i chose to keep them on, so i could more easily multi task....
after a few rather dissapointing crashes i said, to hell with my old gear, i failed i failed to find what was wrong so i took everything off my god damn pc box and left only the brand new and shiny items on it...
Crash crash crash crash....again again and again.i did the changes on November and i have formated my NEW pc 2 times so far. the crashes have changed to be honest.i don't get blue screens of death anymore. it crashes and then restarts. everything was new on this pc except the sata cable.i changed that too but the crashes still come.the new crashes come on this form. i play a game, warcraft 3 dota, or world of warcraft online.the game freezes and stops and i have either the chance to alt tab or use the windows button and manually close the game through task manager or i have to use the restart pc button. on the first case, if i try to restart the game the pc INSTATNLY CRASHES upon game start.i hear the noise of the fan closing everything become black and i am facing the mobo satrting screen as my pc is restarting itself...on the second case,where i have to press the restart button myself, the pc refuses to start usually and failing on startup. i have to either remove the sata cable (same old trick on new pc :((((( ) and re-plug it on another sata slot or press F2 which resumes booting secuence (it's a mobo option don't really know how it works.i get a "warning system boot failed press blah blah blah", the typical bios and setup buttons, "or press f2 to resume booting secuence")
Closing this long and boring (for you ofc :) report on my 2+ years pc problems i have a cherry on top of the cake.... THis christmas i moved again to my mother's house, and brought my NEW SEAGATE HDD. I plugged it on a sata slot and...yeah you are right you guessed that already....Blue,freaking,screen of death......i remind you that my mom's pc is a relatively new ( i ordered that on summer) custom made retail pc from a major greek company and had it's own hdd replaced by the retailer due to BOD errors. and when i connected my HDD (which i repeat its a new Seagate) it gave me pc crashes agaaaaaaaaaaain!i always get pc crashes when i play warcraft 3 or wow. on both pcs
Concluding, i am tottally freaked out. i am thinking to break all the computers on all my houses and go to start playing with "THE WEEL" like a prehistoric man or something....i am getting i have some BOD aura surrounding me? throw me some suggestions but please be tender and try to give precise solutions not guesses....i pretty close to my limits...i might suicide using the sata cables!
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  1. Could you post just what the problem is or edit your original post to make it more readable? Just assume that most people don't bother to read such a long post.
  2. 1st. Go back to school and learn how to spell, punctuate, and how to write a complete thought correctly.
    2nd. Once you have completed step one. Post a question using the knowledge you have just learned.
    3rd. Repeat steps 1 & 2 until problem is solved.

    alternative solution.
    Try to ween yourself from playing games all day long as it seems not being able to makes you go crazy.
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