Win 7 - RAID 0 Iomega Reboot causes Read Only

OK, this has to be one of the more "interesting" issues I've run into. Recently purchased 2 4TB Iomega UltraMax Plus drives. They are both setup in their default RAID 0 mode. I have one hooked up downstairs to my WDTV Live HD via USB, and the other upstairs to our main family system via eSata. Idea is that by having two of them on the network and copying files to each I have a decent backup.

ANYWAY, the one that is attached via eSata has a quirk that I would like to fix if possible. If I shut the machine down, and then turn it back on a bit later, everything is fine. If I do a reboot, however, the drive is marked as "Read Only", and remains that way until I turn the machine off. I have the drive directly plugged into my UPS, and it does not turn on and off when the PC does, so I don't have any issue with the drive being recognized.

Machine is an ASUS CG-series with Core i7, Win 7 64-bit Home Premium, 9 gigs of DDR3 RAM, and an Nvidia GTX 260.

Any ideas/suggestions?
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  1. OK, so it's just me? Or other folks have had the issue and are looking for the answer as well?
  2. Trick seems to be to first remove the "Recycle Bin" directory that window creates on the drive, then force a new one to be created. Since then, no problem. Go figure...
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