CPU speeds not matching bios cpuz

I have had my cpu overclocked for months and it has always matched in cpuz. today it is not matching for somereason.

It also is not changeing the numbers for fsb or cpu speed when i adjust it in the bios.

what could be causeing this?

CPU: e8400
mobo: ga-p35-ds3l
OS windows 7.
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  1. just wanted to add that i have all the threshhold saftys disabled, and the dist or what ever its caled is disabled in both bios and is disabled.

    when in my bios my fsb is 400. in cpuz it says 333. In my bios my cpu speed is set to ~3.6ghz. in cpuz it says 3.0 I have also tryed changeing the FSB speed which sould rais or lower the cpu clock speed. no matter what my fsb is set to cpuz shows it the same. If i run prime 95 speeds and multipliers DO NOT change.
  2. I think ive found the solution, i'll test it when i get home. Looks like this mobo has issues with it randomly ignoreing bios settings, and gigabyte doesent care about fixing it since its so old.

    the solution is to pull teh CMOS and set everything up again and hope it last for a while.... not really a solution but its a workaround for now.
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