Going to buy 1TB internal hdd,seagate or samsung or wd?

Hi guys,
i am going to buy a new 1tb internal hdd for my desktop,here only seagate ,samsung and wd are available,he gave me a samsung ecogreen 1tb with32mb cache and 5400rpm,I refused it and should i go wit seagate 32mb/7200/1000gb?
I am using segate for 4yrs and was working well,many says that segate is not good,wat is your opinion?

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  1. Maybe he has a bigger profit margin on the Samsung, I'm not saying it's no good as there are lots using them and quite happy with them.
    As for brand choice, ask 10 people and you are likely to get 5 different answers.
    I use WD's in mine, why? simply because I have used them for many years with no problems as in earlier years they were a fair bit cheaper then Seagate. Have I had problems with Seagate? no I just havn't used them for many a year.
    Stick to what works for you. I would get the faster drive, but the Samsung is quieter.
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    Aneesh, never follow store clerk's advice. He has a vested interest in selling you what he wants to off-load.

    My choice would be Seagate. Why? Because I have used Seagate over the years. I know that WD drives are also very good drives.

    Hard drives are not serviceable items, so go with whatever is available at a good price - Seagate or WD 7200 RPM (the Samsung is 5400 RPM).
  3. One more doubt,drive with 7200rpm and 16mb cache or 32mb with 5400rpm?
  4. The 7200 RPM will have faster data transfer because it is spinning faster than the 5400 RPM. Also, some of the 5400 RPM also have control features to lower the power consumption.

    My choice would be time proven 7200 RPM drives, and my personal preference is Seagate. Please keep in mind that Western Digital drives are also great drives.
  5. do we feel speed differences between those 2 drives?
  6. I'd choose the WD.

    I've heard some Seagates have bad sectors over time.

    The Samsung might work if you find it for a good price.
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  8. Thanks for all! :D
  9. Aneesh, for most practical purposes, one never notices the speed differences between 7200 RPM and 5400 RPM. The only time it will make a difference is while doing a Backup operation. Backups take hours, therefore I do my Backups just before going to bed. So, I don't know whether it takes 4 hours or 6 hours!

    Please do Backups regularly. Win 7 "Backup and Restore" in the Control Panel will explain more. Also Disk Image, and Recovery disk. Store the backup on an EXTERNAL disk in a different location.
  10. I would agree seagate and WD are pretty good drives and I would buy either one. Stick with 7200 RPM drive or if you want to spent the money get the WD Velocity raptor thats' a 10k drive.
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