Copying HD image to RAID setup?

I currently have a 750GB Hard Drive and I just placed an order for two 1.5TB Seagate Barracuda's...

I want to set up RAID, probably RAID0 and I am wondering if it's possible to copy my hard drive image from my 750GB to my new setup..I would prefer not to reinstall everything and start from scratch, here..

I do have this "guide"

If you can provide me with suggestions or a specific guide on how to do this, I would really appreciate it! Thanks..
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    Yes, you can create a RAID0 volume with 2 750GB(or larger) HDDs in your BIOS (You have to have a RAID-capable motherboard), and clone your existing HDD to the volume. Seagate should have a cloning utility on its website, or you can use Acronis (or other software of your choosing).

    If you use HDDs larger than 750GB, you'll have to extend the partition to the new volume's capacity using partitioning software, e.g., Partition Wizard, after you clone the old HDD to the RAID volume.
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