Fan speed problem , please help!

here is my problem.
i have used all programs fan speed programs , rviatuner and so on
then i tune up my fan speed and the grapichs card is making noice and so on..
and then i overclock my care speed and memory speed
and then i play grand theft auto 4 and then i play for like 1 min and then it changes back to normal fan speed :( , can you help me please ? , i would be great ful if you could help me :)
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  1. A GeForce FX5200 cannot play GTAIV well no matter how high you overclock it.
  2. but i have a Powercolor Radeon HD 3870 512 mb ddr 4! :)
  3. The point was, we need your complete system specs to be able to provide relevant suggestions.
  4. what do you mean ? :sweat:
  5. :D

    He means post as much of the following info as you can;

    Which processor?
    Which power supply?
    Which motherboard?
    ' ram?
    ' hDD(s)?
    ' operating system?
    ' case?

    Download MSI AFTERBURNER (Google it) and try setting your fan speed with that instead :)

    Rivatuner fan settings never stick for me either with 7900GTX or 7900GS so i guess this could be considered normal
  6. i will tjry it thank you ! :) :p hope it work! :D
  7. AMD athlon (tm) 7450 Dual-Core processor 2,4 ghz
    4 gb ram
    650 gb HDD
    Powecolor Radeon HD 3870
  8. still the same :( :heink: MSI Afterburner does not wkr :(
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