im using MSI GD-70 Mobo...
my problem is sometime the LAN suddenly pop out limited connectivity(i mean my connection) and im dc from internet and then i need to plug my cable to the other LAN to continue surfing because this mobo got dual LAN..
anyone know why this happen??
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  1. Is the 1 of the Lan is for 1000 Mbps and the other 1 for 100 Mbps??
    anybody know please do help me coz i can only use 1 of the Lan point i got dual Lan if i only can used 1 of them...thanks..
  2. go into 'My Network Places' then click 'View Network Connections' then right click on local area connection and view properties. scroll down and look for internet protocol, view the properties of that and make sure that the boxes are all grey.
  3. Now i cant use the 1 of the adapters for internet keep saying limited connectivity..i can use the other 1 adapter only for 100 mbps connection..this is really weird..what happen?
  4. What Power Supply do you have?

    I made a topic at the forum of MSI, maybe you find your solution there:
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