Windows 7 hangs at startup in ACHI mode

Hi all!

I'm not sure where to start, but i'll try to explain.

I've recently upgraded my computer with an ASUS P6P67 Pro, Intel i5 2500K, Corsair Vengeance 8GB and Corsair TX650
The operating system is Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.

The installation of hardware went fine, I used my WD Raptor 64GB as system drive and connected my 2 other drives.
Maxtor 250GB and Samsung Spinpoint 750GB. (they will be replaced eventually)

The installation of Windows 7 also went fine, no problems at all.
When it was installed I could see all harddrives and I could browse them. But after I installed the drivers from the DVD from Asus and restarted the computer it hangs at the Windows logo waving. It just keeps waving for hours.

When I disconnect the Maxtor and Samsung drive, it boot up correctly. I've only tried to connect them to the Intel SATA Controller. I tried to switch between the connectors but it didn't boot up.

When the drives where disconnected I could resume the configuration of Win 7 and I ran Windows Update to install SP1 but still the same problem when i tried too connect the drives?

I reinstalled 2-3 more times, but no.

Then I changed in BIOS from ACHI to IDE on the Intel SATA Controller and reinstalled again and now it works?
I updated everything in Windows and restarted it several times and it boot up every time.

But I wish to use ACHI, since I'm planning to run RAID 0

I've used the latest chipset drivers from Intel and IRST as well.

I need to clarify that the problem begins after the installation of chipset drivers.

My native language is not English so I hope I make myself clear? If not, please ask and I'll try to answer as good as possible.

Regards, Wipe
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  1. Don't install drivers from DVD, they are normally a couple of release behind what is available on the web site.
  2. I forgot to mention that, I also tried the latest from Intel. I also have the latest stable BIOS installed...
  3. Windows 7 has native AHCI drivers, so if these are working fine then there should be no need to update the drivers.

    If you decide to use Intel's RST, make sure you have the correct one from their download site.
  4. Some success! :D

    I disconnected the Maxtor drive and let the Samsung be connected and Windows started up.
    Windows found the drive and IRST as well. I shut down and tried to install the Maxtor but then Windows stopped again?
    I tried many times switching between SATA Connectors, but no luck

    Maybe I have a faulty drive, I can accept that but why did it work before I installed the chipset drivers?
    They must be installed, right?
  5. Yes, the chipset drivers must be installed. Sometimes the motherboard manufacturers will add their own tweaks, so you may want to get the newest chipset drivers from their web site instead of going direct to Intel, even if it's a few revisions behind.
  6. install the intel storage matrix drivers, windows 7 native drivers 'work' but not for everyone and not the best,, something not alot of people would notice for the most part,, but they don't work as well for AMD systems, either
  7. Ok, thanks for the replies.
    It's an old SATA-drive, DiamondMax 10. So I will replace it instead of trying to get it working in Windows 7...

    Just one thought, there's some jumper settings on the Maxtor drive,
    Normal operation and Limit data transfer, it has been set for normal as far as i know.
    And it has working in my old setup for years. So I don't know what has happened?

    What about IRST, should i leave it installed or uninstall it?
  8. If RST is working with your other drives then leave it as it's better than the windows native drivers.
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