Foxconn PCI or Video Card on the fritz?

This is kind of making my day suck but here's what's wrong. So I'm getting little white dots in my bios, also in windows I see other little dots but these flash colors and are more random around top half of my screen (not dead pixles). The thing is I'm not sure if it's my mobo or my Video Card doing this. I tried reseating and de-dusting my card but that didn't work. So then I tried putting the card into the second PCI slot but ended up with a blank screen, my monitor won't even recognize it, it's like the slot may be defective. Don't know too much about compatibility but here's my mobo and video card: Foxconn nforce 590 sli, nvidia 8800 gts. I would be able to put that card into my second pci express right? So is it my mobo?

BTW, I'm going to post this here in the Mobo/memory section because I'm thinking it's my Foxconn not the video card. The reason why is because when I play games like WOW I don't see any dots, it's crystal clear unless I play in "windowed mode" of course.

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  1. Hey livio, that sounds pretty bad. I think your video card is at fault. Are you able to borrow another video card to try with your motherboard? That will help you eliminate the mobo as the cause of the problem.

    Before you do that however, are you sure your power is ok? It's possible that your power supply is damaged.
  2. Hey r_manic,
    Thanks for the response.

    Yea it's a bummer.
    I'd like to think the problem is just my video card but what boggles me is why my secondary pciex16 slot isn't responding at all. I guess I'm fine with buying a new motherboard but I just want to be sure before I do, ya know.
    I wouldn't be able to borrow a card atm because me and my wife just moved and we are a bit far from our friends and family (man what luck). That's not totally out of the question though, but it is a FAR drive :P.

    So I'm not sure how to go about testing my psu, if you can guide me in the right direction it would be most appreciated. I believe I have a 750w but I can't check it right now because I'm at work. Seems like it works fine though; computer turns on right away.

    Thanks again!
  3. As r-manic said . . . likely the vid card. Or at least something in the direct video chain . . . mobo, vid card, cable, monitor. Blanks and sparklies at low res (BIOS) but not under load (WoW full screen) point that way.

    Would like to ask some questions. They may or may not help you at the end of the day, but may be useful for a future diagnosis . . . once we know what fixes this.

    1) You have no spare vid card, and no onboard video so we can't swap that out. So,

    - Do you have another monitor to try?
    - Do you have another cable to try?

    2) When you run WoW full screen, are you *sure* you get no whites/sparklies? Forgive the question, please, but I can't see your screen and I know I can't find stuck pixels when I play a game, even if I know where they are.

    3) What is the native resolution of your screen? Res of your desktop? Res you play WoW full screen in?

    As I said, I doubt these things will help us diagnose your problem any better, but who knows. And once you fix the problem, I'd appreciate your letting us know, too.
  4. Hello Twoboxer,

    Yea I don't have any spare cards to try out but I do have my television with DVI ports which I did try the other night, and the dots still remain. I guess my monitor is fine, oh and the cables too because I have another set that I used.

    When I play WoW I don't get any sparklies at all on full res; low res I do but not full. I'll post some screenshots of the dots on Windows and maybe some in-game shots as well, in case I'm not seeing it.

    I believe my res is on native at 1680/1050. I'll have to get all the accurate info when I go home.

    I'll be sure to post as soon as the problem is solved.

  5. 'On the Fritz' has now entered my vocabulary!
  6. OK so now we have sparklies at low res, no matter the monitor or cable, and not in high res.

    Can't imagine a mobo problem that gets better under higher load lol. It's just a conduit . . .

    Best guess is vid card . . . set it at high res until it dies lol, or you can get/borrow another to confirm.

    Let us know - appreciate it.
  7. Yeah, I'm thinking it's the card or maybe the pcie slot. Doesn't make sense why my second pcie slot wouldn't recognize the card, so yea. I guess I'll make a trip with computer this weekend to a buddy's house to use his card. I'll post back as soon as I find an answer... *sigh

    Oh, I'll try to get some screenshots up before then.

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