Raidmax Smilodon owners! help me with a quick question please!

i have this case n i installed the hard drive fan on the side... however now i have my system together ive discovered that this fan is god damn loud (its an apevia 80mm 4pin, green led, it cost $5 and i dont recommend it, i got what i payed for obviously).

i would replace it but i want to know is there a way to get to it without taking the motherboard tray down? (the manual is about as much use as an umbrella with holes) because i have it setup with a big cpu heatsink and big graphics card and i would have to dismantle my entire computer to put down the tray, and for a loud fan that is just waay to much work.

so before i unplug my computer for any of you that know is there any way that the side can be screwed off without folding down the motherboard, so that i can get to the fan easily without much trouble?

please help me Smilodon owners or anyone who knows this case, i would appriciate your help before i decide whether a noisy fan is worth dismantling my computer for. thanks alot ppl

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  1. Just disconnect it's wire.
  2. Agreed, disconnect the wire. I don't believe there is a way to get it out of there without pulling the mobo tray down. That mobo tray is a nice feature when you first build, but its a pain when you just wanna get in there to mess with stuff. Thank god the thing is tooless when it comes to the drives! Its funny, I bought the exact same fan to replace the stock side panel fan when its led's started dying after less than a week. Mine runs nice and quiet and moves air nicely. However, one of my other fans (I think the rear 120mm) has recently gotten real loud when I first start the computer up. After about two minutes it goes back to normal. I wouldn't even shut the thing off, but all those led's are WAY too bright when I'm trying to sleep!
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