Geforce 8500GT

I am desperatly in need of upgrading my pc and found a good deal for a m/board bundle (

Its has a Geforce 8500GT 512mb card along with a onboard Geforce 8200 chipset.
I was orginally planning to buy a ATI 4850 or soemthing higher but can't afford that on top of a new m/board/RAM & CPU.
Would i be able to play games like Far Cry 2/COD WAW with that spec?
I was thinking of buying a graphics card later when i had enough money so the 8500GT is a short term solution but is it any good for todays games?.
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  1. nope, it's pretty much for websurfing and office work, not for games
  2. Far Cry 2 and COD WaW will play with the card, but if you want playable fps you play at low reso and at med-low settings. Strange thing is(my experience) the card handles crysis better at low-med settings at 1024x768 than BIA:Hell's Highway, even at 800x600 it's hardly playable.
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