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What would a good program for reading your voltages be?

I have a Phenon II 965 C3, and I started OC'ing last night, keeping my mobo on AUTO...bios reads the voltages as 1.368-1.375 while cpuz reads 1.375.

I have gone up to 3.8 Ghz and ran a 7 hour turture test with no problems.

I am wondering if this is just what it reads because it is on auto, or if that is what it actually is, because 3.8 seems too good for that voltage.
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  1. Try OCCT (OverClock Checking Tool) - more info here:
    Also, CPU-Z - more info here:

    BTW, the difference in the 2 voltages you checked is 0.007 Volts - not statistically significant (within measuring tolerances).

    Do not exceed the manufacturer's recommendations regarding voltages. You are better off setting the voltages on manual in the BIOS. Applies to RAM voltages too.
  2. So, my question is, is what CPUZ reads, which is 1.375v, accurate?
  3. Yes - and you can verify this in the BIOS. We are talking about 3rd. place in decimals. Well within measuring tolerances.
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