Biostar i7 processor installation trouble

I'm trying to install a 2.66gh 920 i7 core in my new biostar 58x.

The instructions seem simple enough, but there's not enough room to close the CPU holder thing. If I hook the edge underneath the lever thing then when I go to close the lever back down I get a ton of resistance.

There's just nowhere for the CPU to go!

When I look at the manual and the intel instructions, the pictures don't add up. On some of the biostar pics there are these odd little indents at the top area that holds the actual cpu down. On others, there are not. On the intell instructions there are not. On my board, there are. It seems like these are putting the pressure on it and without them it would fit back down flat again. As I said, the CPU seems to be in there pretty good and pushing it down more just gets that little noise motherboards make when you insert pressure on them.

Anyone else happen to have this brand? I am wondering if I have the wrong cpu or something at this point (it SAYS it supports 920, anyway). This just doesn't seem like it can be right.

Unfortunately, the biostar site is only semifunctional (with crazy synth music blaring anew every time you open a page and horrid english all over its pages). The online manuals don't seem to give me any help beyond the regular manual, either. Anyone out there have any suggestions? I'd really like to get this new computer set up tonight if possible, or at the least figure out wtf is wrong. Hopefully I am just doing something stupid. Thanks.
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  1. Well, I got it closed. I guess it's supposed to require some push? I hope so, anyway. Now if I can just get this ****** nvidea 260gtx to fit in my damn case.
  2. Yes it does require some push.
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