Restarting while playing a game?

My current issue consists of playing Combat Arms and my pc restarts randomly.
Sometimes it takes 15mins sometimes it's 1hour .

Any suggestions?


MOBO - Asus M3A78-CM
CPU - AMD phenom II X4 955
RAM - OCZ Fatal1ty DDR2 4gb 2x2gb sticks 800mhz
V-Card - XFX XXX 5770 1gb 1300mhz / 875mhz
HDD - WD 500gb 32mb Os on here
Storage - WD 320gb 16mb
PSU - ETASIS 750watts

Hmm CPUID HW Monitor Specs

Hardware monitor ITE IT87
Voltage 0 1.01 Volts [0x3F] (CPU VCORE)
Voltage 2 3.36 Volts [0xD2] ( 3.3V)
Voltage 3 3.44 Volts [0x80] ( 5V)
Voltage 4 12.67 Volts [0xC6] ( 12V)
Voltage 5 -6.34 Volts [0x63] (-12V)
Voltage 6 -8.19 Volts [0x80] (-5V)
Voltage 8 3.28 Volts [0xCD] (VBAT)
Temperature 0 37°C (98°F) [0x25] (TMPIN0)
Temperature 1 40°C (103°F) [0x28] (TMPIN1)
Fan 0 1912 RPM [0x161] (FANIN0)

Hardware monitor AMD Phenom II X4 955
Temperature 0 35°C (95°F) [0x11A] (Core #0)
Temperature 1 35°C (95°F) [0x11A] (Core #1)
Temperature 2 35°C (95°F) [0x11A] (Core #2)
Temperature 3 35°C (95°F) [0x119] (Core #3)

Hardware monitor ATI Radeon HD 5700 Series
Temperature 0 48°C (117°F) (GPU Core)

Hardware monitor WDC WD3200AAKS-00L6A0
Temperature 0 38°C (100°F) [0x26] (Assembly)

Hardware monitor WDC WD5001AALS-00J7B1
Temperature 0 38°C (100°F) [0x26] (Assembly)
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  1. All stock speeds on everything ATM.
    I want to push my ram up to its 1066 speed but it boots at 800 for some reason.
    Also want to get my CPU up to 3.8ghz .
    My vcard has an unlock feature aswell which I would use if I felt like I needed it.
    But all speeds are default in bios all set to automatic.
    Nothing has been manually changed .
  2. BIOS =


    Under ADVANCED I have -

    Jumperfree config
    Cpu config
    OnBoard Devices
    USB config

    I go under chipset I have -

    Northbridge config

    Under that I have -

    Alternate VID

    Which I can manually change to 1.325 V

    But nowhere else so I see an option to change Voltages manually .

    Maybe my bios is old?

    I have asus EZ flash update in the TOOLS sections of the bios.
    But I don't know how to check for an update or make it update.
  3. Go to: Power/Hardware monitor
    See what your motherboard has your current vcore set at.

    To change it and everything else go to: Advanced/Jumper free config and set AI Overclock Tuner to "manual"
    After changing that is when you'll be able to set the vcore. I would take my time and read up as much as possible !

    I would see if you can set your memory to factory specs: 6-7-7-20(CAS-TRCD-TRP-TRAS) 2.0v (or even 7-7-7-20)

    What are your temps while playing your game ?
  4. Man I have tried setting my ram to 6-7-7-20 2.0v makes me reboot soon as ram is used.
    My mobo has 4 slots .... only 2 support 1066 which is suppose to be the yellow ones.
    SO thats where mah ram is . Still wont work .
    Temps on GPU is max 67oC
    CPU is 44oC max

    I'm going to check the power / hardware monitor I will tell u the Vcore
  5. Okay so the VCore is set to auto .... When I checked it was 1.408 bouncing to and from 1.424.
  6. That should be enough voltage for your game. Temps look ok too. (I turn my gpu fan up to 70% when gaming)

    I'd forget about 1066 for now, sounds like several ppl have trouble getting your memory to run at 1066, some don't. Have you tried the other two slots ? Could be you have 1 stick flaking out.. you could try running each stick separately. Best thing to do would be check your memory by running memtest @800, have you tried tightening your timings to like 5-5-5-18-2T maybe even 1.9v ?
  7. I turn my GPU up to 75-100% while gaming and get 66-67oC max.
    The 35% it is at by default just doesn't cut it.

    About the ram , it works 100% fine at 800mhz no restarts or nothing.

    Soon as I change the timings it restarts.

    May seem like a dumb question but since I barely slept last night I cannot figure out how to run memtest.

    Can you tell me how ?

    The memory has a lifetime warranty so maybe one stick is messed on the 1066 timings .

    I will try them one at a time and see what happens if 1 works and another doesn't I will just send the messed up one back for a new one.
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    Man bud, I would seriously question the game itself as being the cause of the restarts. Sounds like there is some serious issues. Do you have any problems other than just the game ?

    Of course you still want your memory straight, a tight 800 will be as fast as a loose 1066.

    I would seriously look at the game and your drivers, audio and video.

    If this is the memory your running roll thru some of the review pages and see what some users are running into.
  9. Okay maybe it's the game ,I only have restarts in the game. it sucks anyways I just play it to pass time when I'm bored.

    I assumed hardware since it used my hardware when playing the game.
    But when I run benchmarks or stress tests nothing ever restarts so it is the game .
    You win =0.

    Maybe you know of a better game for free online w/o these issues.
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  11. If you have a good connection your hardware should be able to play any of the newest online shooters. Quick search on free ones got this list

    I remember America's Army having good graphics..
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