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Is EPOX out of business as I see they have a lot of dead pages on their website and cannot download drivers.
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  1. Epox is gone. What chipset does your Epox MB have? Download chipset drivers from Nvidia or Intel website according to chipset.
  2. Meet SUPoX!!! :D OCWorkbench.com have previews of some of their latest board including a P55 based.

    SUPoX was created by former employees when EPoX executives did some illegal scandals and got locked up.

    If you're looking for drivers then as Badge said, get them from the chipset maker's website instead. I've got an EPoX 8RDA+ here which uses nForce driver from nVidia for example. For other devices like LAN and sound, get them from their respective manufacturer.
  3. Speaking of lock ups and Epox, I've been working on my rare old EPOX 754 NF4 SLI board a lot lately. System just started Blue Screening and locking up several months ago. System was running all day at work prior for years. I thought I 'finally' had it solved with a new SATA cable plugged into a different MB SATA header. I've checked the usual suspects, several RAM changes, reformat and reinstall XP, various BIOS settings, different keyboards, mice, monitors, video cards. Have not switched out the HD or PSU. I may give up and install an old MSI 754 MB I have and continue using the system around the offices tha way. Here is one of the recent Stop errors.

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