Stable OC for the Gigabyte 5830

I have recently acquired the gigabyte version of the 5830. Gigabyte has a dual fan custom cooler on the card which has the card running considerably cooler than its counterparts from other manufacturers. I did a stress test in furmark for about ten mins at 1920x1200, 4x MSAA, displacement mapping and post fx in Xtreme burning mode and the card never broke 60C. The fans were only running at about 24%. SOO ive been thinking about overclocking it, as the cooler is rather efficient. Im wondering if someone has already overclocked the Gigabyte 5830, and if yes what was the stable OC setting reached?
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  1. Each GPU overclocks differently, if the cooling is powerful enough you may reach voltage limitations before it becomes too hot. I.e., before you reach critical temperatures (which one should stay away from), you do not have enough voltage to keep the card stable. Try ATi OverDrive first, then AMD GPU Clock Tool if you need more power.
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