AMD Overdrive, cannot overclock Athlon II 635?

hey all,

so i've just built a budget gaming PC from some old parts and a few cheap buys, and the first thing i wanted to do was get some overclocking done. Usually i would use Overdrive to find my max stable overclocks before committing them to BIOS, but for some reason Overdrive does not allow me to adjust my HT or Voltage, and i can't figure out why. this means that i can only overclock through the BIOS, but since this is something i do for fun more than anything, i really don't want to spend the time constantly rebooting (especially since i have the OS on a 5400 RPM laptop drive)
anyone know why this may be happening? I'm thinking i may need a BIOS update, but since i updated this board when i got it last year it should be fine.

anyways, the specs are as follows:

mobo: GA-MA78GM-US2H
CPU: Athlon ii 635
RAM: 3gb generic ddr2
GPU: powercolor 5770
PSU: CM extreme power plus 650w

so any help would be great, as i would really like to see how far i can push this thing.
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  1. bump. though i doubt it will do much good.

    no one else have issues with overdrive?
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