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Ive got a sd card that suddenly as i put it in to the camera it said MEMORY CAD ERROR and at the bottom CARD LOCKED!!I tried putting it in my computer cardreader but also didnt work!what can i do?
thanx already now!
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  1. There should be a little tab on it that you can flick to unlock it. That should get things going for you.
  2. Usually when it suddenly appears and you didn't lock the memory card itself, it means the SD card is dying or dead. Sadly there's very little you can do to even just recover the data from it.
  3. same issue with me. card reader doesnt recognize my card. camera claims it is locked. the lock tab is in the "UNlock" position. i tried the tape thing, i tried dismantling the card gently and cleaning the leads, re-assembled, and nothing has worked. i emailed sandisk to ask why this is happening and no response yet. i have two weeks of irreplaceable memories on this card. please assist me in not crying. thank you.
  4. I had two memory cards 16gb that were the little cards you need to put in the big case. Not sure how to explain this. It't like a phone card the way you use it. Anyway, both gave me the error and I was absolutely disgusted with it. Come to find out that only the regular 16 scandisks work. So it can not be the little phone card like memory card. It won't work!
  5. Quote:

    A brilent way would be like this - download some recovery tool and follow free guide (may i recommend ) since it helped me. No kidding, i am not trying to let you buy some programs.

    I got a free copy downloaded and was wondering whether should i use this program. my case is i have sd card reformatted by mistake and now the sd card reports error. Should i use deep scan recovery or format recovery?
  6. Well what can i do if the SD card its not damaged, and i can read EVERY picture on it, but i cant use it anymore to record pic because in last xmas, we took it out to download some pics and then someone sits on it dismantling it (or destroying the external flat surface) but i think theres something missing inside the SD card cause i cant unlock it anymore and the plastic tab doesnt even touch the memory at all, the side lock switch just slides up and down but no direct contact with the electronic component, im wandering if something is missing to unlock the SD.. anybody can help?
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