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June 7, 2009 4:42:01 AM

hello all,

i recently had a problem with my mobo for my freeNAS server and i had to replace it. :(  i purchased a replacement motherboard for HP Compaq D530 to use as my new motherboard. Now when i turn on the computer.. nothing happens. When i turn on the power, i see nothing. i cannot access the BOIS or anything like that. i tried looking online for someone who had a similar problem but all i found was people who get the blinking white cursor in the upper left of the screen. I do not see that, the computer does not make it that far. I figured that maybe the onboard video was bad. After i added an AGP video card i had lying around, i end up in the same situation. So, i tried swapping it with yet another video card i had lying around.. same thing. My next thought was maybe my monitor was bad. After changing screens with a known working monitor, i end up at the same spot. So, now i was thinking that maybe the mobo was improperly grounded. So, i took the mobo out of the case and set it on the table on a static resistant plastic sheet; and proceded to hook the power up. At this point, all my computer consists of is the mobo, power supply, CPU, and one stick of RAM. When that very basic config was turned on.. nothing. i still cant see the bois! i tried swapping power supplies too.

other thoughts:
yes, the power connector is fully plugged into the mobo
i tried turning it on without a keyboard and mouse and i don't get an error or see anything on the screen..
i tried using a different stick of RAM.. no difference
i tied swapping CPUs with no avail
i know the computer actually "powers on" because all the fans turn on.

im very frustrated.. i have enough spare DVD Drives, power supplies, CPUs.. etc for 5 computer but i only have this one mobo.. i dont know what else to do!
if anyone has any ideas (short of buying a new mobo) i would be so unbelievably happy.

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June 7, 2009 10:31:41 AM

What about RAM stick(s)s in different slots?

A system which turns on, but does not POST is either of the four parts not functioning or incompatible with each other. Those being CPU(never seen one tho), RAM, video card/controller and the motherboard itself. Since you've already tried different video cards, then that leaves RAM and the motherboard(it's possible for for it to be DOA) to be the most likely cause..

You can replace it with any other motherboard which has a chipset compatible with your processor (which I believe is P4 S478). That means you can replace it with any motherboard such as ones based on 865PE (DDR1 RAM) and either micro-ATX or ATX depending on your enclosure. The replacement does not have to be from HP.
And I'm pretty sure your system is made not in the era where they used proprietary ATX power plug pin arrangement.
June 7, 2009 6:43:45 PM

replaced the RAM stick with known working module. No differnce. DOA?