Whats up guys im a gamer. I play stuff like CS:S and wow. im trying to start playing other games nothing too serious like crysis (the graphics are good yes but a horrible game ><) im looking at a couple video cards in teh -$100 range. atm im using a 250watt power supply i think...its the stock one in a a6123w HP computer. could any of the following run on the power supply and which one is more bang for the buck regardless of the power supply. 9600 OSO, 9500 GT, HD 4670, or maybe even like an old school 8800 GT cuz i see they are below a hundred bucks now.

Thx in advance guys!
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  1. for that power supply, I would say you gotta look at the HD4670. Those other cards are not as impressive and the 8800GT will take too many watts.
  2. so i could run the 4670 on my power supply?
  3. As long as it doesnt require a power connecting wire from the power supply, it should work fine. Are you sure your machine has a pci-express slot for graphics card?
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