I'm interested in buying this case and i would like to know if it would fit a ASUS P6T DELUXE V2 with douple or triple Xfire/SLI. Meaning, could i have 2-3 gfx on this case?
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  1. It would be pushing it....would any of the GPUs hang over the motherboard (like a x16 slot at the very bottom where a dual slot card would go over)? Cause if so, id say no. ATX come to the very bottom of the space for it touching the divider plate between the PSU

    In all, its a great case but imo the area for the motherboard is EXTREMELY limited.
    Also keep in mind that there is very restricted space for a large PSU and will require removing the fan
  2. That is a Mid-towerish case am I correct? Yes you would be able to have those many cards but keep in mind cooling, you'll need to move some serious airflow foor 3 card setup. Room that, that case won't have because of theose massive cards. Better off getting something like a Antec 1200 or a Full tower case if your doing 3-way sli or xfire.
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