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Hy I have one problem. 9 years ago i overclocked my pentium 3 cpu from 700 mhz to 1.13 ghz and it works very good. But last week i change my motherboard batery and after that bios was reseted. After that i try to overclock cpu again but that was impossible... Why i can't overclock it again??? How can I fix that? :cry: :cry:
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  1. What do you mean you can't OC any more?
  2. i can't!! Every time i try to overclock it again windows can't log in. I try with lower mhz but it always can't log. they work on 700 mhz now
  3. I am sorry this isn't an answer to your problem, but I am really really wanting to overclock my Pentium III 500mhz w/ coppermine core. I was reading where you could get into the bios and overclock it that way but I can't find where you do it at or figure out how to access it. Can you please reply and tell me how you overclocked your cpu so I can do mine?
  4. well when you start your computer press delete to enter cmos setup, then you will se a frequneuency control. enter it and on cpu host clock raise it on maximum mhz showned there. sorry about bad langauge
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