Arctic cooling freezer 7 pro + e8400 fail??

so i got this cooler with some as5 for my e8400 on me p45 ds3l board... put it all good .. and boot up... temps are exactly the same as stock hsf 50-57 C wtf... please help me :(

the coolers fan is facing the ram... is that correct?
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  1. the direction is correct, although as for the temps, that is a little high, have u checked the CPU V-core in the BIOS, if it is set too AUTO, then the temps wont change much, go in and set it to the required V-core stock setting, and u should see a huge difference (hopefully).
  2. The fan should blow towards the back of the case. How much AS5 did you put on the CPU fan?
  3. make sure you put enough thermal paste on the heatsink. Also make sure you didnt put too much on there. It comes pre applied. My E7400 idled at 25*C at stock speed/voltage. Even now at 4.1GHz and 1.36vcore it idles at 30*C and hits 55*C under load.
  4. i think i put enough as5, the vcore is at auto as default.... its at the very same temp as the stock hsf... how do i know when its enough paste? plz help im very dissapointed
  5. My experience with Arctic freezer = FAIL. Never will try or recommend them again. 100% Zigmatek now.
  6. im using a freezer pro my self with a q6600 @ 3.2 on stco 1.2v vcore, and my temps are below 30 over all cores, but was alot higher when the vcore was set to auto.

    set the vcore to 1.15v and that should give u a nice drop in temp without losing stability.
  7. Im using AF7Pro +E8400, 1.25v @4Ghz, and I run 50-55C at load.

    AS5 is best applied by placing a rice-grain sized portion in the center of your CPU, then attaching your HSF. Let the downpressure do the spreading for you.

    Also, are you installing while your mobo is in the case? The pushpins can be a royal pain, so double check that all 4 are secure.
  8. ok i took the mobo out to put the cooler on... it cliped.. not that hard but i did try to spread the paste .. so should i take it out clean it and put it again+ vcore at 1.15-1.25.. i think the auto is on 1.12 ¿?
  9. what did you use to spread it? If it was your bare finger, then definitely reapply. If you used a razor, credit card, etc, Im not sure that the application would be your problem.
  10. i used a plastic bag but it kinda spread out too much so i cleaned the edges with my pinky
  11. like B-Unit said. rice grain sized drop in the middle. the use the down pressure to spread it.
  12. Yea, I would go for a reapply. I know its a pain pulling the mobo in/out, but thats the best way to insure the push pins go thru. Also keep in mind that AS5 takes ~140 hours of operation IIRC to cure out. I generaly try to power my system off each night for the first week to speed that up a bit. The real key is thermal cycles, the more it goes from operating temp to room temp, the faster the AS5 will cure.
  13. yea it is a real pain.. so i´ll clean clean the cooler and the top of the processor, and reapply a bit in the middle , push down, and not turn it on alot?... should i still set vcore manually ? .. im going to ny for a week from the 19-27th so thats enough time right..
  14. Last time I applied thermal compound, I tried some Arctic Silver Ceramique. I got about the same temps as with AS5 and it reportedly does not need the cure cycle.
  15. wtf i turned my pc on today and now its reading 47 C hmm, in bios on pc health status i says vcore 1.188
    case opened: yes
    current cpu temp 43 C

    on the tweaker section it says vcore at 1.21..
    im useing real temp 3.0 btw.
    i guess i´ll still remount
  16. i remounted and did every thing correct.. its still at the same temp.. well this time i disabled speedsteps so its always at 3.0ghz, do i really have to leave it off so the paste could cure, because i turned of comp last night and today before remount it was reading 46 C ¿¿ help!
  17. please guys say artcic cooling or simply AS every time you guys put as5 it looks like you are saying "ass"....i was confused at first like :"who the hell puts "ass" on a cpu??
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