Need advice on which card to think about purchasing....

Hi y'all. I am currently purchasing over the next couple of months the rest of the parts for my computer. I need some advice on which video card to purchase. I am into gaming. I play Band of Brothers, Call of Duty while my wife likes to play games like Nancy Drew.

My motherboard is the Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P.

My PSU is the: PC and Power and Cooling 750 Watt.

I am leaning towards XFX for my video card. (I like them.) I have selected 6 cards on tigerdirect. I would like some advice on which one to think about purchasing. Would it be best for me to purchase the GTX 260, or think about cross-firing the HD-4830.

Line-up of Cards on Tigerdirect.

(The cards are all XFX; GTX 260 Black Edition, 2-HD 4870s', 2-HD 4850s' and the HD 4830.)


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  1. Go for 2-HD4870. That would be better choice.
  2. Thank you for your reply meodowla. But, which HD-4870 would you go with?

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