Watercooling Thermaltake

Hi i am soon to be updating my processor/mobo (RAM)

Gone for an AMD Phenom II 965 3.4ghz stock clock BE

i am very likely to be OC'ing this as i have spotted
Thermaltake PW 850i ProWater Series

on my local version of ebay.
does anyone have any good/bad things to say about this particular WC system.
its going for £35 which is a bargain.

Other than that its designed for a 939 or an AM2 socket.
Will the current water block be useable on the AM3 motherboard im going to choose.
As far as im aware the only difference is the pin number/layout and the actual fitting is the same size/dimensions on the board.

basically is this a wise move and is it useable on an AM3.

Thanks techies.
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  1. Hi.

    If u want a serious OC and LCS go with this now if u don't want go with high end OC a CPU cooler if enough.
  2. Ty for answer saint. Im sure this this system could push mine to about 4-4.2 easily? I dont have much exp with LCS. i have seen the system working and its all ok. I dont have the money to buy the one you suggested sadly.
    Anyone else know if this would work on an AM3 socket.
  3. I'm not 100% but I don't think it works with AM3. Also reviews say it doesn't work as well as a good air cooler and if you put the fan on high its noisier as well. If you want a good budget-mid price fan get a Coolmaster Hyper TX3 or 212+ or 1 of the best see http://www.ebuyer.com/product/169197
  4. I forgot to say make sure they fit in your case.
  5. yeah simon it will. Pump and reservoir will sit below my HDD in the HDD caddy :) and as for the 120mm fan i will replace my rear exhaust fan with this
  6. For 4 or 4.2GHz u can go with a CPU cooler like the Hyper 212+ (very solid I have one @4GHz) or something better like the Megahalems, Titan Fenrir or Noctua NH-D14.
  7. then onwards to 4.8ghz i go. What sorta speed should i be looking at on a LCS?
  8. Yeah, I think that for 4.5GHz or above the LCS is useful.
  9. Please DO NOT get the Thermaltake BigWater. It is cr@p.

    +1 for the Swiftech kit saint19 linked to. Do note, you may want a 320/360 rad for the Phenom II if you want the best temps.
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