Is this worth $350 ? Abit IP-35 Pro Rev. 1.1 and stuff

Im looking to build and I saw these components used from a local builder. Is this package worth $350?

-Abit IP-35 Pro Rev. 1.1 motherboard with bios dated 5/26/2008 (Intel P35 Bearlake chipset)
-4 gigabytes G.Skill dual channel DDR800 (PC6400-CL5) memory (2 X 2gb sticks)
-Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 Processor with 8mb cache @ 2.4 ghz - G0 revision(easily overlockable to 3.0ghz at 1333fsb).
-Dual horizontal orb cooler with blue LED's and pre-applied artic silver thermal paste
-Antec 500 watt SP-500 power supply

I like alot about it - the # of SATA ports, good review of board, eSATA, good RAM, and he is willing to be available for email support while I build my first system. I am a photographer. He will teach me to overclock, which he has done successfully with this combo.

The purpose is a pure work computer for only Photoshop work. Dont laugh [gasp] Im coming from a P4 2.4Ghz 2gb RAM no HT ! No place to go but up lol. I make a living making pics, so this is critical buy for me.

One issue (maybe): I like a ASUS Nvidia card that is ""PCI Express 2.0 x16" - but the motherboard is apparently "only" "PCI Express x16" (I assume v1.1 - but I dunno... please advise.

Im total new to this, but I have installed PSU's, HD, RAM, even a motherboard - help me take the next step to build my first baby!!!
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  1. Antec makes good PSU and cheap PSUs. I'm not sure wich that is.
    I think cheap. they bundle the EA500 with a decent case. might want to think about that.

    otherwise, it looks like a decent deal. look on newegg for comparisons.

    dont worry about PCIex16 1.0 vs 2.0 its all backwards compatible.

    If I were to build a quad core right now, I'd be looking more at a 45nm chip for better energy efficiency. Phenom2 or a Q9450.

    not sure if your cooler is worth much, but I've no doubt its better than stock.
  2. Didn't Abit go out of business?

    Also, a P35 chipset is a bit old now.

    I would recommend:
  3. Yes, I just read that Abit went out of business. If I decide to go quad core, what is the best board? I want pcie v2 x 16, 6 x SATA internal, 2 x eSATA, and one legacy IDE channel (the latter is optional). I do not need audio - its purely for photoshop work. So for a better board, and quad processor, I need to see how much it will cost. Im exploring Newegg and reading alot here at Tom's hardware - lots of good info here but the choices are mind boggling. Ive settled on Corsair PSU, ordered Antec 900 case, like G.Skill RAM, Nvidia card - I finding my preferences - but ignorant about what motherboard and processor to get! I want a newegg sale item that rocks. I do NOT need bleeding edge i7, but should get I duo core when the prices drop on ? 1/18 or quad core? ...and the motherboard - I would like do do mild overclocking and still run cool.
  4. You don't need two X16 PCI-E slots for Photoshop. Even if you are running 4 monitors X8 would work fine.

    The only way I know of getting a second eSATA channel is by purchasing an addon card.
  5. Abit quite making mobos. not qute the same as "going out of business".
    Abit's customer service was quite good, don't know if it will still be. I don't see why you'd ever need a new bios for a dead socket. I wouldn't discard the motherboard completly.

    any eSATA channels is just a redirected SATA channel.

    some mobos have eSATA on thier back pannel. most new cases also have an eSATA plug on the front. if you want more, there are SATA expansion card or just brackets with adapters you can get.

    you can also get cables that are Sata on one end and eSata on the other. I have a 6 footer for when I was planning a widely split Raid1. I wanted a picture of whoever might steal the computer.
  6. Okay, then the lack of PCIex16 v2 is not an issue bc I do still 2D images? PCIex16 Version 2 is not critical to my work? This board has very good review and it has SATAx6 PLUS eSATAx2, which I like. Also, although its used, the flipside is that it works.
  7. I have checked the benchmarks and have decided to wait and go with a E8500 (or wait and see if the price drop brings the E8600 into my budget!),826.html

    Im looking for the motherboard with 8xSATA, 2xeSATA, PCIe x 16 version 2 ...I do NOT need sound lol - I just look at the pictures lolo. Firewire not really needed, but ok if present. No Raid needed. Is there a motherboard selector somewhere?
  8. the PCIe v 2 only increases the bandwidth between the mobo and the graphics card. Graphics cards are not to the point were the extra bandwidth does much. I think it good for about a 10% gain in framerate tops in games.

    there is no such thing as a motherboard without built in sound. time to drag yourself out of the 90s.
  9. Quote:
    time to drag yourself out of the 90s.

    ouch! ...the whiplash

    ...meaning I dont need to put part of my budget into surround-sound speakers or a subwoofer. ...still - ouch!

    Im killing this thread - see my new build list (catapulting me into the new millenium lol):

    Go here:
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