Just got computer together. Can't install OS?

Hey, so after like 2 weeks worth of trouble I finally got my first build all together. Went it BIOS checked it out quick, was really pumped that everything was working. Except i can't install windows. I'm installing off an iso, i've tried too different ones both of which i know have worked in the past so that isn't the problem, it'll go through the loading bar and brings up the vistay background but then just hangs. Doesn't bring up the dialog box or whatever. I tried a 32 and 64 bit iso, both do the same thing. Just to be sure i tried to boot off the hard drive from my other computer. It'll go to the bootloader, i'll pick an option and it'll start loading but then has some sort of error. So i've got no idea what to try now or where the problem is? Any input would be great. Thanks,

Oh the procs an e6600, the mobos a gigabyte EP45-UD3R. Thanks, Sorry.
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  1. burn them to disks first, or better yet, use a ral disk from microsoft.
  2. yea. i've got them on disks, sorry i forgot to mention that. cleared CMOS and it's installing now. Just moving really slow?
  3. I've had problems installing OSes in the past. it ended up being a bad mobo.

    the only pre-OS system test that comes to mind is memtest86.
  4. a hard drive error could be the cause . Is it a seagate?
  5. Use a real copy of windows. illegal bootleg copies are filled with problems. Probally is your problem.
  6. ok thanks for the help. clearing CMOS fixed my problems i'm all good now. the copy wasn't illegal, i got it through my college, they have this thing going with microsoft or whatever. thanks,
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