E-Sata not recognized - ThinkPad T410

Hi All,

I have this 1TB eSata External drive/enclosure I formated in an XP Desktop. I used the drive attached to a O!Play to watch my movies from. Things were working fine.

I then decided to rearrange my files. I had my company laptop, a Lemove ThinkPad T410 with eSata port nearby so I figured I'd use that instead turning on the desktop.

I plug the eSata external back to O!play and it wasn't detected. I plugged it back to my desktop and it says the drive wasn't formatted.
Everything is fine if I connect to the ThinkPad T410!!

So I copied all the files to the T410 and reformatted the drive and it wasn't recognized by O!Play nor the XP Desktop.

So I formatted it back with my desktop and now T410 says it's not formatted..

Seems the T410 port or something is wonky! Is it the driver?
Your help is appreciated.

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  1. just to add. could there be security enctyption being done on external drive when i plugged into my company laptop?
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