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Recently I purchased a Q8400 to replace my old e6600 that I'm selling to a friend. Anyway I found out, thanks to tomshardware community's help that my BFG Nvidia SLI 680i Motherboard does not support Yorksfield Q8400s ( I don't want to have to buy all new parts for an i7 setup, so I want to ask the community what LGA 775 motherboard should I buy to overclock my Q8400, and that supports Nvidia SLI if I bought a second GTX 280 in the future? Trying to hunt down the perfect motherboard for the price on Newegg is frustrating, so I want to ask the experts at Toms.
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  1. Google is a good start, Intel's support site might be another,, quit asking others to do YOUR due diligence in buying the correct motherboard... You might even ask the tech support at NewEgg to make a recommendation, they should know the products they're selling... There is NO PERFECT MOTHERBOARD for anything, just good ones that fit the bill... Okay, do your search based on 1. CPU, 2. Chipset to handle the video cards you may want to use, 3. Manufacturer based on what you may know or want, yeah, this still means YOU have to search and decide...
  2. I've done research but once again I was just wondering if you guys had any recommendations, or had any really good luck overclocking a Yorksfield with a particular one.
  3. Gigabyte has new technology that helps for all the ocing and other good stuff.

    ASRock/ASUS is also good, they have like a special OCing thing. ACC, that's the name.

    Foxconn, is good

    avoid ECS, Nvidia, and intel boards
    they aren't very good types of boards, Nvidia is only bad because they are not very stable. Intel is generic and ECS is plain bad

    You will have to do the rest by urself.
    Good luck
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