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July 19, 2010 7:20:46 AM

Hey Everyone!

So with the help of the community I have sucessfully built and installed my OS on my SSD drive. The problem im running into is I dont have the option to save my other programs to my 750GB harddrive. I see devices that the computer seems to recognize the hard drive is there and that is fuctioning normally. At the moment I have the SSD plugged into Sata 01 spot and 750 GB into Sata 00. My computer boots fine as of now with OS installed on the SSD. I am wondering if I need to set up something in the BIOS to make the 750GB a slave to the SSD drive or is there another way that I am suppose to configure it. I was told at the store that I could put my OS on the SSD and that I would be able to run other programs off the Hard Drive as well as store other data files there. Thanks in advance for the replies.


P.S. When Im done with this last step and I triumph over technology I am planning on writing a newbie guide from my perspective as to how I would have approached the process seeing now where I have stumbled. Maybe it wont help some but I think it might cut down on some peoples' internet searches. I found so many of the instructions comical as they need to tell someone "Step 1: Insert disc into CD tray" "Step 2: Install" ... I mean if you couldn't figure that out then you shouldn't be building a computer in the first place. I would like, as Im sure most first time builders or builders dealing with the new technology, a couple in depth steps as too what might happen or what shouldn't happen. I know there are forums about breadboxing and paperclip tricks and signs of life to look for but you would think if they are so commonly sought after that the manufacturer would provide detail to this in their 12pg instruction manual done in 12 different languages with two pictures and three arrows to install a MoBo. Anyway enough ranting.

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July 20, 2010 2:40:58 PM

Did you format the 750GB drive? Go to disk management (exactly how can vary with OS - I prefer to right click on "my computer" - choose manage - then disk management). Forget the master/slave concept, that is for IDE drives.
August 2, 2010 6:50:51 PM

Ya I had only formatted a small partition not entire disc. This was my problem. Thanks