48XX w/ Hybrid cross-Fire benchmarks

I'm looking for any benchmarks that show what, if any, performance gains occur with a 48XXHD coupled with a 790G, GX motherboard operating hybrid Cross-Fire.

I've found older benchmarks here:

But I haven't seen any benches with the newer 4800 cards. Or is this not even possible anymore?
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  1. hyrbrid crossfire and sli are like a leg up program when it comes to slower cards, it won't help a fast card, other than saving power while in desktop:)
  2. Got it. Thanks L1qu1d.
  3. hybrid crossfire works only with entry level cards, like the HD3400 series. It wasn't meant to be used with highend stuff when it was launched, so it didn't support HD3800 series for example. It seems they never added support for the HD4000 series either...

    bit like nvidia scrapped the hybrid power feature with the new GTX200 cards

    thats one set of good ideas that never really made it (or hasn't so far)... :/
  4. I thought the hybrid power idea was pretty good and would invest in a motherboard that supports it with say a 9800. Why run all that hardware when your reading THG forums.
  5. its not about making it, I mean this is more of a feature that should be implimented into laptops than desktops.

    All Gaming laptops should come standard with integrated+ dedicated.
  6. ^^exactly...

    edit lol this thread is going too fast :P
  7. I still think it's a solid idea for the desktop segment. I don't have any facts or figures but it would be my guess that the majority of gamers also use their computers to check email, surf the web and do other low load tasks. If you have a huge GPU set up turning that hardware off will reflect in your electricity bill.
  8. Dedicated cards (ala these giant inefficent monsters were are using) will eventually dissapear in favor of "intergrated" or "on-die" methods like AMD's Fusion chips. Its just going to take much more time. Once they really figure out how to instruct the GPU to do CPU processes, say goodbye to those video CARDS.
  9. A+^

    Exactly just like cellphones, once all in one cell phones came out, Mp3 players will eventually die. I mean, cell+phones + camera, aren't quite there yet to replace sophisticated cameras with all the power, but MP3 player, I'd say its on the verge of extinction:P
  10. My only question about the on-die GPU future is this. Would the mobos then support all the various out puts you find on a video card? I know all the audio ports are there all ready, but are the video out puts expected to shrink as well?
  11. well I beleive there are onboard dvi/hdmi already:P just not good for games:D
  12. There is yes, but with a dual display video card you usually get 2x DVI and an S-Video or now a HDTV or HDMI output. That's 3 out puts which is pretty sweet. I image your right though... everything will likely get down to the HDMI size and you'll have mobo manufacturers sticking 4 ports on the back of their boards for monitor geeks like myself and I will drool and love it and all will be well. :o
  13. Well, already the 780G/790GX have dual (analog and digital) outs with 3 (DVI, HDMI, VGA) ports, so they aren't far off already. Once they add more horsepower (they already have sideport ram) we'll be all set.
  14. EXT64 you come and go:) lol Good timing though.:D
  15. I noticed you have a P2 940. That's where I'm thinking about going. How do you like it? Have you played with over clocking it at all? I've always slightly over clocked every system I've built back to my old P4.
  16. Well, I've been more in the CPU section (since that was my most recent project) but I still check back in every now and then. The tests/projects are also starting to pile on, so I will be intermittent at best here for a while.
  17. Yikes, too many posts.

    Well, I love it now after a few issues (dumb on my part) early on. The CPU is plenty for me now, so other than a slight NB bump I undervolted it 0.1V (1.35V -> 1.25V) instead (and stayed at 3GHz). Once this thing starts getting pushed I'll try OCing it. Hopefully this lower voltage will keep it healthy longer.
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