P6T WS PRO BIOS update without floppy

Hello All,

I am having a bit of trouble with my corsair DDR3 1600 ram ( only 4 gigs of the 6 are showing up now). Corsair wants me to update to latest BIOS load setup defaults and enable XMP profile 1. But first off I haven't done a BIOS update in years and when I did do One I remember have the floppy to boot from. What are the steps and what do I need if I don;t have a floppy!?

Thanks in Advance!

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  1. ASUS has EZ-Flash and using a USB stick is much safer, just stay away from the ASUS Update Utility (Windows). If you want the EZ-Flash instructions post back, you may need to make the USB stick bootable.
  2. thanks starams5!

    much safer with the ASUS ezflash and USB stick? I would much rather do that then! especially since I already have a usb mem stick (not sure how to make it bootable).

    thanks again!
  3. EZ-Flash with USB Stick:
    Format to FAT or FAT32

    1. Make USB stick bootable (if boot system files are missing on USB stick) with the HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool, you will also need boot system files, you can download both here:

    2. Copy BIOS.ROM to the USB stick.

    3. Reboot into the bios and restore setup defaults.

    4. Enter bios setup program. Go to the Tools menu to select EZ Flash 2 and press <Enter> to enable it.
    You can switch between drives by pressing <Tab> before the correct file is found. Then press <Enter>.

    5. DO NOT shut down or reset the system while updating the BIOS to prevent system boot failure!
    When the correct BIOS file is found, EZ Flash 2 performs the BIOS update process and automatically reboots the system when done, go back into the bios after the reboot.

    6. Now shut down the computer (PSU switch) and unplug it. Pull the CMOS battery and discharge the motherboard by holding in power button while touching the chassis for approx 30 sec.

    7. Re-install battery and post.
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