Just put a comptuer together

p6t deluxe motherboard, 4 gigs of ram, 500 gb hard drive, intel i7 2.66 and a geforce 9800 GT.
Hooked it up. Everything boots, no beeps for missing ram, but the video isn't working, tried both DVI slots, and all three PCIE slots. But to no avail.
I'm at my work, and right now we're using a VGA to VGA-DVI to DVI converter.
We havn't tried DVI to DVI yet. What could the problem be.
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  1. You have attached the power lead to the Graphics card ?
    Also on a side note why 4GB ram ? I know its not really an issue but the ram works sort of Tri banded dosent it ? I mean i know it will work ok and not effect anything, just thought a set of three made more sense.
    What Ram are you using by the way ?

  2. PCI power from PSU to 9800GT. (6-pin connector @ rear upper edge of 9800GT)

    Recheck all other connections esp. 8 pin located close to CPU.
  3. one sec, I'll do that now and update you
  4. okay, just did all of that, Still having problems.... I've tried two 9800 GT's and two XFX graphics cards.. All are doing the same thing. The monitor will turn on for like 2 seconds to say: Input not detected. Then it will shut off
  5. Are there stand-off's between the case and Motherboard?
  6. usually you have to have the card in a specific slot for single operation. READ THE MANUAL for the motherboard; make sure you have the vidcard in the correct slot and all power connections are .. connected.
    Otherwise it could be a just about anything, bad powersupply, motherboard, videocard
    It should attempt to boot, even without a hardrive or RAM, am I correct about the RAM>?
    Sounds like a first boot Strangestranger, no OS...
  7. yea, its me endolitematrix....
    I'm at home now. I have no OS on it. Its not booting, I'm on a completely different monitor and using different cables.
    it's doing the same thing it was doing at work.
    when I plug the omintor in. The LED light on my monitor turns blue, as if its on. Then it says "going to power saver mode"
    It's like it reads its there. but not REALLY there.
  8. this is so damn frustrating, Anyhelp would be GREATLY appreciated.
  9. Try reset CMOS.
    Use jumper on MB or remove 3v battery for a couple of minutes.
    Make sure you are on a non-carpeted floor and touch the case with bare hand before reaching in. ( static electricty caution)

    Look in your manual for jumper location.

    You didnt say if you have stand-off's between the MB and Case (Spacers). The underneath side of the MB is not to touch the case.
  10. alrighty, i'll give that a try, i'll be back in a few with results.
  11. did that... I hooked up a keyboard and mouse even this time...
    Even though i have no picture.
    I'm hitting the num lock and caps lock key.. its responding, the lights turn on and off accordingly, and opitcal mouse via USB is lighting up... Still nothing on screen though.
    It's weird.
    When my monitor is NOT connected
    it says with a blue light "Check system cable"
    then when its hooked up, computer on, it goes into power saver mode.
  12. okay something else is weird. Computre is powered off. Still plugged in. My Keyboard numlock light is on, and the opitcal light on my mouse is still on...
  13. Unplug:
    HDD (s)
    any/all USB Devices
    Any fire-wire, E-Sata
    Keyboard & Mouse
    all front panel connections except PWR

    Basicly you want MB, CPU, PSU, GPU,1 stick RAM, Monitor, nothing else.

  14. alrighty, lets try this, i'll be back momentarily with an update.
  15. nothing.
    The monitor... even when the board has no power.. will go into Power Saver... (all monitors did this with different cables) after I plug it in.
  16. Kind of narrowed down to the MB.
    You honestly tried a different GPU?

    My ride is leaving.

    Good luck.
  17. yea.... I have two 9800's because I was going to SLI them... both of them are doing the same thing
  18. I just brought my computer to my friends house....
    he has 4 video cards.. Tested all of them on yet another new monitor. all of them did the same thing... So i'm guessing its my board...
    but its brand new... wtf
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