Revised budget quad system

hey everyone, through all suggestions and everything i have got from the people on this forum,
i have a revised and i believe a great build for a computer.
To reiterate my old threads, this computer will be for gaming, internet surfing, and music.
Here are the list of the parts:

Power Supply: Corsair 750watt

Motherboard: Asus p5q-e

Processor: Intel core 2 duo quad Q6600

Heat sink: XIGMATEK HDT-S1283, Arctic Cooling MX-2 (thermal paste),
XIGMATEK ACK-I7751 Retention Bracket (For added stability).

Memory: G.SKILL 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 SDRAM DDR2 800

Video card: SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 4870 1GB 256-bit GDDR5

I already have a monitor, a 24" 1080p monitor, and the case is a cooler master haf (so air flow is not a problem)
+ i got a dvd-rom and burner already

All extra parts i will buy later, for the people who looked up the specs of these parts and saw that the processor's FSB is not rated for the motherboard, i have researched it, and that board will push it to 1333fsb, essentially overclocking it to 3ghz anyway.

Also, i want this computer to last a good few years without turning into a crap machine, i figure everything is good, but when the graphics card starts to not be able to push out the newer games, i will either crossfire it, or buy a new card down the road.
-games i will be playing-
CoD: WaW
fall out 3
Diablo III
Starcraft II

My question for anyone reading this thread is.

1: Is this a really nice build for only 800$ (US) ?

2: Will it last a few years? (with some adjustments like a video card).

3: I had this build isntead of a i7 for a reason, most sites show the i7 is more powerful,
But for the price, is a waste. Unless your a enthusiast, you should not HAVE to go to a i7
This is just for the people who are goin to flame me for not going i7. lol
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  1. It's a fine plan and everything will work well.

    I would recommend waiting a week to see what happens with some of the faster quads though. Intel says they are cutting prices. A Q9550 would do a lot for you.
  2. +1 to Proximon. I built a new PC about 6 weeks ago and decided to go with Q9550 over a Q6600 and I couldn't be happier.
  3. that much improvement?
  4. In those titles, yes I would think so.
  5. How far do u think i could overclock that processor while keeping it in safe temps? Also, how do i know if i have g0 stepping?
  6. Price cuts aren't enough to stick with socket 775, the Q9550 will still be only a $20 from the i7 920.

    Go i7 if you really want a system to last 3+ years.

    $184 - x58 mobo

    $290 - i7 920 cpu (Fry's had it at $230 a few weeks ago...)

    $65 - PCPC 750w

    $70'ish - 3gb DDR3 (prices will fall as i7 floods the market)

    $220'ish - 4870 1gb or gtx260 core216 (I prefer Nvidia)

    It comes to about the same price (yes, no aftermarket cooler) and will definitely last longer than your Q6600 build.
  7. Hey thanks for the suggestion, i think i will go i7 after all, got it to be only 1k XD
  8. For gaming.....quads are overkill for most games (only around 3 games actually benefit). So if you buy a q9550/4870 rig now, it will have zero problems with every game.

    All those I7 builders will only see distinguishable performance increase when they use high end xfire/sli set-ups at high resolutions.

    In a few years, there will be better value I7, better performing I7, and the actual software written to take advantage of these systems will be far more common than now.
  9. Could this C2Q build handle ripping dvds while surfing or watching movies w/o bogging down?
  10. Although, if i build a i7 computer, when they come out with more i7s i could just upgrade to a newer processor while keeping my memory, motherboard, and even my heat sink? Thus justifying buying one now for only 100-200 more than a quad build
  11. auburnfury said:
    Could this C2Q build handle ripping dvds while surfing or watching movies w/o bogging down?

    Does this build need to do this?

    The OP states they will be using for games, internet and music.
  12. auburnfury said:
    Could this C2Q build handle ripping dvds while surfing or watching movies w/o bogging down?

    Any modern dual-core (x2 or Core2) can handle long as you have more than one hard drive.
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