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Hello,i wanted to ask you something!!! Recently i installed windows seven. Before i had win XP. The problem is that when i installed Win 7 i lost from my HD (which had capacity 500GB) 300GB and i don't where they ve gone...there is no partition in my HD so can you tell how can i find out where the rest of the space gone?Thank you...
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  1. I had this problem. Did you make sure you formatted your hard disk and THEN installed Win7? If you didnt, it just installed Win7 on the space you had available.

    To do this: put the DVD in your DVD ROM and restart, booting from the DVD. Select the hard disk you want to install to, click "more options" and select format. When it is done, THEN install Win7 (obviously make sure you back up important files).

    Hope this helps.
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