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First of all, a long story cut short ..

About 4 years ago, when I bought a laptop, I stopped using my P4 3.0, which had 4 hard drives installed - 2 direct into the motherboard and 2 in removable caddies (all IDE and formatted as NTFS). All worked fine. Very recently I decided to fire it up again, but before I did I took out the data and power cables to try and rearrange them in a way that increased airflow. I turn it on and suddenly, the two hard drives in caddies arent recognised by Windows XP or the BIOS. I took them to a friend who has the same caddy system in his computer and they both worked great.

Ive tried updating all the software I could (and did a clean install with Windows 7 in the process) and still those hard drives arent detected.

Any ideas on whats happening? The only thing I can think of that is different (besides Windows 7 - the problem was there with the original OS) is that the devices may be plugged into IDE slots in a different order than usual (there are 4 on my motherboard)
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  1. Corrosion on your connectors? Either connect/disconnect/reconnect your cables a few times to the motherboard's USB or 1394 connectors. Or with the power cord disconnected - use a q-tip with just a little rubbing alcohol to clean the motherboard connectors.
  2. treefrog07, thank you for your reply mate.

    Sadly I have tried swapping hard drives around (amongst a whole lot of other things) and have connected the master drive to both of the IDE ports in question. Both work.

    The only thing I have not given a thought to until now are the DIP switch settings on the sleeves for the removable caddies. When I have time I will take a look at how everything is arranged in terms of that. I am doubting that it will work though.

    Its bloody confusing. IDE slots work. Hard drives work (in and out of caddies). But hard drives dont work in IDE slots. What the Ef?
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