Overclocking cpu and ram

hello everyone
i m new to this overclocking thing i have never overclock cpu and memory before
although i have overclocked my GPU's well its easy in case of GPU

i want to have a little guide with this cpu and memory overclocking

my specs are

xfx 750i
q8400 @ 2.67 stock clocks
4 GB kingston 2x2 @ 667 ddr2
500 watt psu cooler master extreme power
500gb segate hard drive
8800gt 512 mb (waiting for gtx 460)

my system is pretty basic just want to get everything out of it

any help will be pretty appricated

i would be really happy if u just give me a step by step tutorial
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  1. Hello there,

    Try this link and see if it answers some of your questions.:)
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