Server 2003 Delayed Write Error - Big Problem!

Greetings Hardware Community,

At work, one of our servers that holds a few databases and data drives started getting Delayed Write Failed errors on a specific dynamic volume. It has worked with no issues for like 6 months and recently we had a bad worm. So all workstations and servers were completely windows updated/defragged/ccleaned and devirused etc. The drive in question had written nightly backups to another volume.

Not sure how it's related but after running a thorough MyDefrag Data Disk Monthly Optimization I got the errors on said drive. The drive immediately fell out of disk management with a big x and could not be reactivated. I replaced the drive, deleted the volume, set up a new dynamic disk and copied over everything from the backup volume. Here I am the next morning seeing another delayed write error and the drive is out again. I'm going to replace the cable but besides that, can anyone offer insight to fix this problem?

Processor is set to background services.
Memory is set to programs.
Largediskcache is set to 0.
I'm not sure if we've had these problems in the past but it's been years since I've seen them on this system. Any help is appreciated.
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  1. What HBA are you using? An issue could have developed with it.
  2. HBA? Host Bus Adapter? Not sure what you mean exactly.
  3. If you are running a few databases, you at least have a RAID controller. Which one and what RAID type are you using?
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