I5-750 High temps question!

Hi guys!

Having a little trouble keeping my i5 750 cool.

Running at 180 x 20 = 3.6ghz with a core voltage of 1.264.

Temps under load are up between 70C and 75C under load.

I have a Corsair H50 cooler - which should be doing the job.

Ambient air temp is about 25C, and internal case temps between 35C and 38C

Is my core voltage too high?
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  1. Just changed everything about

    171 x 21 = 3591mhz

    V.Core 1.22
    VTT 1.14
    PCH 1.80v 1.80
    PCH 1.05v 1.10

    - bought that right down between 46c and 60c

    Real nice. Still, idle temps are higher than I'd like.
  2. Hmm, not stable in the long term.

    I've noticed that CPUz reports that it drops to 1.152v during prime 95 testing. Is that normal?
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