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I5-750 High temps question!

Last response: in Overclocking
July 11, 2010 1:02:31 PM

Hi guys!

Having a little trouble keeping my i5 750 cool.

Running at 180 x 20 = 3.6ghz with a core voltage of 1.264.

Temps under load are up between 70C and 75C under load.

I have a Corsair H50 cooler - which should be doing the job.

Ambient air temp is about 25C, and internal case temps between 35C and 38C

Is my core voltage too high?
July 11, 2010 1:19:52 PM

Just changed everything about

171 x 21 = 3591mhz

V.Core 1.22
VTT 1.14
PCH 1.80v 1.80
PCH 1.05v 1.10

- bought that right down between 46c and 60c

Real nice. Still, idle temps are higher than I'd like.
July 11, 2010 5:56:49 PM

Hmm, not stable in the long term.

I've noticed that CPUz reports that it drops to 1.152v during prime 95 testing. Is that normal?