PLEASE HELP....Building Raid or JBOD external array for a Security DVR

So here is the situation. I work for an electronic security company and one of our clients needs extra space on there DVR

See link to DVR

Dedicated Micros the manufacturer offers these two compatible solutions one is a JBOD and the other is a RAID ($3000-4000) ($3000-4000)

My boss asked me if I would could build something similar to those two external arrays at a much lower cost. I'm pretty familiar with building computers, I've built all of our office PCs, but how would I go about building this external RAID array, The DVR only has an SCSI connector?? I need at least 2TBS of storage in the array.

-Clueless in Worcester. Help!
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  1. Would this setup work..... I know the Ram/CPU/PSU is a bit overkill since this is nothing more than an external raid array. But its still $2000 cheaper than the solutions offered from dedicated micros. The system has to serve as external storage for a camera DVR system. THE DVR BOX ONLY HAS A SCSI PORT. USB OR SATA ARE NOT AN OPTION. Is it possible to connect those four 1tb drives to the SCSI raid controller card??


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