Some storage input, if you please!

The time has come to upgrade my storage solution - currently running:
1x 150gb WD Raptor - for OS and basic programs
2x 500gb WD Caviar Raid 0 - for storage and games

I'm strongly considering a ~160gb SSD for OS, and creating a multi-TB Raid 5 (4-5 drives) for storage and gaming purposes, however since I've been out of the loop in terms of HDD advances, and Tom's Hard Drive charts haven't been updated since last year, I turn to the community for advice.

Last I checked, the Intel X25-M was the king of the hill in terms of overall performance without going into SLC-level prices, and the WD Caviar Black ruled the mechanical front. Has much changed here? Also, I'd be interestedto hear about the WD Caviar Green, since it's about half the price of the Black (€118 for 2TB rather than €264)

Options include:,hard-drives,internal-hard-drives/11154-4294948604-52770000-361720000-4294951615-4294963789#filters,hard-drives,internal-hard-drives/11154-4294948593-52450000-4294963789#filters

One final thought to save me making a new post in the relvant forum - I'm torn between the Razer Naga and Razer Mamba for a new mouse, leaning towards the Naga even though I'll probably never use the 17 buttons, but would be interested to hear what the community has to say on it. Yes, my choice is limited to those two because I'm a huge Razer fan.
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  1. Between Tom's and other sites, I'm fairly certain there are newer drive reviews.

    I bought a caviar black (750) for myself, although I've heard good things about the spinpoints. The Green is energy efficient, lower rotational speed, and lower performing.
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