How to fix my disk volume erross

Hello,how and what can i do..
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  1. Depends of if you can boot into windows or not...
    If you CAN boot into windows then:
    open my computer or "computer"
    Right click on your C: drive (or whatever drive you want to fix)
    Click "properties"
    Click the "tools" tab
    Click "Check Now"
    Put a check in both checkboxes
    Click "Start"
    It will likely open a msg saying it cannot do it now but that it can be scheduled...
    Click "Yes"
    Reboot your computer

    Instead of booting into windows normally it will fix your disk volume errors.

    If you can't boot into windows:
    (For Windows 7 and Vista)
    Put your window disk in the drive and boot from it.
    Click repair your computer
    Select your installation then click next
    click command prompt
    type "CHKDSK C: /R" (without the quotes)

    (For windows XP)
    Put your window disk in the drive and boot from it.
    When available you will need to press R to get into the repair console
    Then select your windows installation and it will likely ask for your administrator password.
    after that..
    type "CHKDSK C: /R" (without the quotes)
  2. I don't suggest you try to fix drive errors. If you do, you'll likely get more issues down the line. Best thing to do is to get a new hard-drive. If the drive is not too damaged, a cloning program like the free clonezilla will clone the existing drive and then you can just restore it onto the new one.
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