Help with mobo + proc deal please..

Hi, I'm planning to swap my proc, a E4600 and my motherboard, an Intel DG31PR to a E5200 and Asus P5KPL-AM/PS. I will add $20 to the deal. I'm doing this because I want a faster processor w/o spending so much. With this, im getting a little faster processor on stock, but if i oc (which i will do if ever i push through the deal), the advantage becomes clearer. OCing is not possible with the intel dg31pr, which leads me to a question, is the asus mobo, at least a decent overclocker? I'm not in pursue of overclocking-like-there's-no-tomorrow type because. I don't plan on spending anything on aftermarket coolers. I'll just use the stock hsf. it a fair deal?

Asus mobo:
E5200 :
Intel mobo:
E4600 :
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  2. the "P5" on the ASUS means no video chipset, so I think u need a vid card, u uld doubshole check that, I am not exactly sure about that.

    The processor is good, but isn't a pentium like a good downgrade? The C2D is a better OCer so......

    what is ur budget?
  3. I have a 9600gt. The E5200 and E4600 have the same architecture, they just revived the pentium monicker on the e5xxx series. I have no specific budget i just want it to be as cheap as possible, this deal is cheap enough for me. Actually, this is not planned, it just so happened that a friend needs to downgrade his PC and get additional cash.

    the asus board has an intel gma 3100 btw. "g" series, 31 in this case, has on board video. g stands for graphics.
  4. Then go with The ASUS. You have a vid card, so u should be goo 2 go. And ASUS is also probably more worthy of OCing as they aren't a generic brand like intel mobos.
  5. I agree, go with the ASUS mobo. This will give you better OCing for now. Intel mobo's never have OCing features. The other option here would be to check out GIGABYTE as well.
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