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External HD: broken, is it salvageable?


My external (USB) Western Digital HD (WD1200B006-RNN) stopped working. It was making some audible whiring sounds, up until it stopped spinning. Now, when I pulg it in, the front lights show as solid red and orange (2 separate lights) and I hear nothing coming from it. The computer does not pick it up either.

Any ideas on how I might salvage this? I backed it up about 6-8 months ago, but I have recent photos and iTunes music on it.

Thanks for any suggestions you can provide.

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    Chances are good that you now have a glowing paperweight. If it doesn't spin up, then it's not coming back.

    You can try to take it to a data recovery shop in the area (not Geek Squad or a small computer shop) that is good and reputable and try to get your data from it. Otherwise, just try to obtain your lost content again.

    Good luck.
  2. Good luck it is going to cost you a few hundred USD depending on the type of failure. If they say that they can get your data then they already have trust me on that one. However if they come and tell you something else "pixe dust" or "head crash" then its gone for good. In the end you will need to purchase a new drive.
  3. Surely it must be under warranty ...
  4. Unfortunately, it is very old. Thank you all for your responses. I may try a data recovery shop.
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