Booting problems???

hey, a friend of mine has purchased some new equipment,
a dg43nb mobo
e7300 cpu
160g hdd

trying to install a fresh copy of xp pro on the new hdd but cant get to boot from cd
it just come up with the big intel picture and that disappears to a blank screen
where the system beeps once and nothing happens after that.
i have tried all boot menu in bios, tried different dvd rom drives ect
it dont even come up with" INSERT BOOT DISK AND RESTART"

any help much appreciated, (also is there a way to get rid of the intel pic on start up tried looking in bios but no luck)

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  1. If you are sure that you have tried the boot options in the BIOS, i cannot help you.

    The Intel logo:
    Look somewhere in the the Advanced BIOS Features for something like "Full Screen Logo".
  2. also you can try to find the key that will take you too the boot menu after post i think it would be something like the ESC key but if it is a new system then your friend should still have the Manuel so check for it in there
  3. there is a boot menu other than bios, but that does the same thing just goes to a black screen and stops.
  4. Change the first boot device from the HDD to the DVD drive, in the BIOS. Check to be sure the cables to the dvd drive are connected correctly.
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