Unlocking 4th core of PhenomII 720

I just updated to the F3A bios on my Gigabyte MA790GP-UD4H board and was wondering if anyone has unlocked the 4th core on a PhenomII 720 with this bios ? I myself have not been able too. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. I checked it out and i didnt see anyone with my mobo or the F3A bios.
  2. I guess im just one of the unlucky ones:( I got my cpu in may so it was probly too late. I tried turning on Hybrid and all cored and per cores. Tried ACC on auto and just no luck. One more thing if you know, My stock Voltage should be 1.325c and it is reading 1.39. I tried to subtract 0.050 volts but i crashed almost immediately. Is there a way i can manually put it to where it should be? I havent touched it but i have upped my multiplier to 16.5 so im runnung at 3.3Mhz .
  3. I read something a couple of days ago that it only works on 720's released the 4 week of 09, has something to do with the batch#. Find out what your batch# is, the other guy didn't have much luck with that, good luck!
  4. No suggestions on the voltage problem ? Also do you know where i would find batch#? Sorry if im wasting your time, just still new to this and trying to learn as much as possible. Thank you.
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