Can I add a graphics card to my motherboard (attaching everest screen)


Sorry, its a very basic question. Could you please tell me what motherboard I have? I had purchased this comp some years ago from HP-Compaq. I tried running everest and am attaching two screenshots below. In one it says 845G and in other it says 845GEV.

1)What motherboard do I have after all? :pt1cable:

2)Is it possible for me to add a graphics card to this motherboard? (no matter how old). Once I have a graphics card I'll be able to play old games which require graphics card. :D


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  1. download CPUID instead and then look at where it says chipset.

    2. Yea as long as u have a PCI-x (e or x16 etc.) empty. u can get an ok one for 50 dollars.
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